We want to make crowd sourced 'mat despatch' works for everyone.

MatDespatch is inspired from excellent despatch service scattered all over the Klang Valley. With help from our expert and skillful despatches, we intend to deliver a new shipping experience to our customers.

The MatDespatch Promise

We are Fast

We aim to be one of the fastest same day delivery and courier services in the Klang Valley.

We Save Your Time

No more queues, traffic and long waiting times. Our delivery saves you valuable time.

We Are Reliable

Our despatches do all the delivering and running of errands independently, so there is less to worry about.

We Work With Everyone

We don't just deliver for individuals, but also online and retail shops with lots of customers.

We Deliver Door to Door

You don't have to worry about picking up or dropping off parcels. Your items are delivered from A to Z.

We Believe in Great Service

Our despatches are friendly, well-trained and know their way around.

But we have taken all these great things and made it even better. We combined all the best things about a great courier service, and packed it into one amazing technology. Introducing the MatDespatch app - a new, better and easier way to make deliveries right from your phone.

Our Mission

MatDespatch was created to deliver a new level of shipping experience to people within the Klang Valley. Our vision is to take all the best aspects of a great courier service, and combine it with technology to make it even better.

We aim to create a friendly, reliable and trustworthy courier or delivery service used by individuals and businesses alike. So we focus on offering the fastest same day delivery service in the Klang Valley via use of our very own app.

We partner with hundreds of despatches or riders, whom we call Heroes, to make deliveries every day. The Heroes are trained to provide fast and friendly service, ensuring that the items are delivered in great condition.

As a company run by passionate and knowledgeable people in the industry, we have gathered years' worth of experience running the business on and off the field. We took everything we've learned and put it into creating a courier service that makes people smile.

Get MatDespatch App

Get MatDespatch App