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Expand Your Business to Indonesia & Singapore with Cheaper International Shipping and Save More Money On Shipping!

  Are you a business that want to expand where your product can go? Have you ever had orders from overseas that you can’t fulfill because of shipping costs? MatDespatch is always listening to the needs of our customers and will do our best to make everything smoother, cheaper, and better for all your business

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Packing Tips: Shipping Fragile Items

  We all have that worry when we are shipping fragile items. Whether it’s glassware, electronics, or antiques, maybe it’s just a bottle of kicap you want to send as a gift for a friend, we all know we have to take extra precaution when shipping fragile items. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to

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SME Tips: How To Lower Your Shipping Costs

For businesses that rely on shipping to get their products to their customers, shipping costs can be bane or boon in the long run. Here are some tips from us to lower your shipping costs and make your products more attractive for your customers.   An inspiration from an Etsy shop, lightandco Pick The Smallest

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