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SME Tips: How To Do Below The Line Marketing

What is Below The Line (BTL) Marketing? Below the line marketing is typically described as promoting your product to a more limited amount of people using smaller, more targeted channels – compared to big channels like the newspapers, magazines, television, radio, cinema and outdoor advertising. What are the Examples of BTL Marketing? A more recent

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SME Tips: Create Your Own Promo Posters (Without a Designer!)

You have a great idea for a promotion or a new product, what’s next? Of course, you want everything to look good to entice your customers and potential customers – right? Just having a text post out on Facebook or a boring announcement on Instagram won’t do – so maybe you should create a beautiful

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Packing Tips: Shipping Fragile Items

  We all have that worry when we are shipping fragile items. Whether it’s glassware, electronics, or antiques, maybe it’s just a bottle of kicap you want to send as a gift for a friend, we all know we have to take extra precaution when shipping fragile items. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to

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5 Ways to Increase Online Sales in Malaysia and Cheaper Shipping

Online businesses are spreading like mushroom in this day and age where infrastructure and Internet usage is at a very healthy level in Malaysia. E-commerce businesses continue to reap the benefits of this phenomena and the number of Internet users in Malaysia will only climb into bigger numbers in the future. To start an online

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