Need fast, same day delivery for your items? No problem!

No one likes to wait. Here at MatDespatch, we thrive on giving you the speediest delivery and courier service possible to those who need it TODAY. MatDespatch hooks you up with one of our dedicated Heroes (despatch runners) to get your items delivered on the same day to anywhere in the Klang Valley. Yes, like some superheroes, our Heroes deliver fast!

How Fast Can MatDespatch Deliver?

Same Day Delivery

Not in a hurry? No problem, we’ll make sure your items arrive on the same day.

3 hours express

Why wait any longer? We’ll get your parcel to its destination within three hours.

1 hour super express

Our delivery on steroids. We dispatch only the fastest and best Heroes for the job.

Our Supercourier Service

We don’t want to provide just any service; we want to provide a supercourier service. Our Heroes are dedicated to making successful deliveries and tasks that help make your life easier.

Door-to-Door Service

We go the extra mile with a smile. Let our Heroes pick up your items and parcels right at your door and ensure its safe journey to its destination.

Packages Up to 10kg

Deliver from the smallest letters or documents to larger parcels/packages (up to 10kg per delivery).

Running Errands

Do you have something that needs to be picked up? Need someone to run a quick errand for you? Our Heroes are here to save the day!

Real-Time Tracking

There’s no reason to lose track of your items. Real-time GPS technology lets you track the exact location of your items, right from your smartphone or desktop.

Insurance Coverage

We endeavor to deliver items in pristine condition but sometimes things don’t go to plan. Get an insurance coverage of up to RM500 for any lost or damaged items.

Supercharge your courier and delivery service TODAY


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