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We deliver anything; document, parcel, food, flower, cake or large packages. Need to deliver or do something? Let us do it for you.





Fresh groceries


Frozen food


Bulky item

At any speed

Need fast, same day delivery, or return service for your items? No problem!

Same day delivery

We’ll make sure your items delivered on the same day. Available for document and parcel. Collect Cash On Delivery (COD) service available.

Express 4-hours delivery

We’ll make sure your items delivered within 3-4 hours on the same day for any kind of packages. Collect Cash On Delivery (COD) service available.

Motorcycle Delivery

Door-to-door motorcycle pick-up and delivery service within Peninsular Malaysia. Optional add-ons: motorcycle wrapping service and helmet delivery.

Next Day Delivery

Not in a hurry? No problem. Pickup and delivery in 1-3 days, only from RM5.70.

Runner for hire

Got multiple things to do? Get things done without thinking about the traffic, parking, etc. Simply leave a proper instructions to our runner in the note section.

Two-way service

We can collect, deliver and return back your document on the same day or the next day. Collect Cash On Delivery (COD) service available.

Large Package

We can deliver large package up to 70kg by car. Collect Cash On Delivery (COD) service available.

Move Goods

We can transfer large packages with 4x4 or van. Up to 500kg. Collect Cash On Delivery (COD) service available.

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Book MatDespatch courier same day delivery services on Delyva

We’ll show you how to do it in 3 easy steps!


Cashless! Get instant quote, purchase credit online and book a delivery using your smartphone or web browser.

Confirm the order, package and label your item properly so our delivery partners can differentiate it from other items.


One of our delivery partners will arrive at your door to pick up your items.

Track your items during delivery and know exactly where your items are in real-time with GPS technology, right from your smartphone or web browser.

Free Notifications

Once the package is on the way to the receiver, the receiver will receive a delivery status notification via SMS.

The sender will receive delivery status via emails. The delivery is a success!

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Multiple payment options

Online Banking

Purchase minimum of RM 20 account credit with Online Banking, Cash @7eleven, VISA or MasterCard.
Top up more to save more!

Credit Card

Add your credit card and start shipping with us! We will charge your card on weekly basis.

Cash Payment

Make payment by cash by sender or cash by receiver. Only available with MatDespatch services.

Great for your business

Convenient and cost-effective shipping for individuals, micro, small and medium-sized businesses selling online and from stores.

Shipping protection

Worried something bad could happen to your package? Worry not, we provide liability coverage of up to RM200 per shipment.

Collect cash from your customer

Your customers wants to pay by cash on delivery (COD)? We can help you collect from them and charge you 3% of the amount collected and return the amount collected to your bank account by next Friday.

Manage your delivery in one place

Book express delivery, same day delivery and next day delivery with us.

Bulk orders

Import all your shipments with our simple Excel Bulk uploader. Edit all your shipments in your beloved Excel then upload to our web app for easy bulk shipping.

Online store integrations

Selling online has never been easier with our seamless integrations.

Get your business insight and report

Our dashboard will help you get better insights of your shipments and make better decisions.


Bulk Shipping & Integrations

Get your job done with our rider-on-demand

Fed-up with your city’s hectic traffic? Need to deliver something quickly? We are your best solution – it’s both efficient and affordable! We deliver any packages up to 10kg by motorbike, only from RM 9.


Bulky item and large cubic delivery

We have a cost effective large and heavy parcel delivery service for packages or items with irregular dimensions which most other couriers could not transport. We deliver any packages by car, van or pick up 4x4, only from RM 20. Up to 500kg.


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