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If you’re new to email marketing, it’s basically any email you send to your customers that is intended to promote your product or services. Email marketing is part of a larger Internet marketing strategy that also includes Internet ads and social media. Currently, most research has found that email marketing has the highest ROI amongst all marketing and is generally agreed to be one the best ways to engage with your customers.

Email marketing are cost effective but quite tricky to do right. But don’t worry, here are some tips to do email marketing like a pro!

Clean up your email list. Most e-mail marketing tools (Mail ChimpMailjetCampaign Monitor) would help you segment your email receivers and you can use this to better craft your campaigns. Retarget your emails to inactive customers to re-engage them with your company and segment your customers so you can craft specific and personalised content for them.

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The most important thing in your emails is the title. That is usually the make or break for many of e-mail users and determines whether they will open the mail or swipe it aside. So make sure your copies are spot on and this may require testing and proofreading. A great title should be short, clear, and relevant to the person reading.

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Get straight to the point as soon as you can. Customers, if they have decided to open your email, are likely looking for something. You will lose out if your customers or potential customers don’t find anything attractive to them in the the first three seconds of skimming through your email. Also, don’t make emails feel like advertising. Have a conversation with your customers, encourage feedback, inject a bit of personality.

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Think mobile first. Emails on mobile devices are getting stronger and stronger traction so make sure your email content and any subsequent links look good on mobile phones. Consider the bulk of your text and the image you are using in your email – will it translate well on mobile?