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The IGTV announcement

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms today and it has recently introduced IGTV, a service where you can post vertical videos to connect with your audiences. In Malaysia, big Instagram accounts like JinnyboyTV has leveraged on the unique along with many other personalities and influencers.

How can businesses take advantage of IGTV? Here are some tips for your business to grow along with the new platform.

But first, here are some quick facts about IGTV

  • IGTV will show in your highlights panel once you have uploaded/shot your videos
  • Your followers will automatically follow your IGTV and get notifications on their homescreen
  • Vertical TV that’s built for Instagram
  • Up 60 minutes of video

You get a lot of freedom to choose to watch on the new IGTV

Highlight Your Products

To keep customers more engaged with your brand, you could also use IGTV as a platform where you introduce new products or do giveaways. This way you can lead your customers to be more subconsciously immersed with your brand. IGTV works better than Instagram stories or live because it does not have the 24 hour expiration time.

(Re)connecting With Your Customers

Of course, advertising your brand would be the first thing that comes to mind but also take the opportunity to re-introduce your brand to your customers. The uniqueness of IGTV is that it’s built for vertical viewing therefore it’s more natural for Instagram users so in theory you’ll have more of their attention. Use this chance to create a deeper connection with your customers and clients. Tell stories, give tips, do tutorials, and keep them as customers longer.

Starbucks Malaysia uses IGTV to share how to use one of their products at home

New Screen, New Opportunities

Be creative. IGTV gives you a lot of screen real estate so you can play around with the top and bottom area to really impress your customers. Play around with offers that you can pop on and off screen. This gives you a chance to stay fresh in your customer’s mind and keep them updated of your latest offers and promotions.

Get Ahead of the Game

If you are just starting up, it’s a great idea to link up with influencers to get your brand out there with IGTV. Through our observation, there is still a relatively low number of brands using IGTV in Malaysia so there is a higher chance that your brand will be highlighted if you adopt the platform early. People are always hungry for new content and ideas so the the earlier you take the chance, the more fruitful it will be.

We hope the tips will inspire you to check out the platform and post some videos of your own. Also remember to never be afraid to be bold and try new ideas! All the best and don’t forget to ship with matdespatch!

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