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It’s easier to sell to people who have already heard of your business or done some transaction(s) with you compared to converting a stranger who never heard of your brand. Here are some tips from us to get your customers coming back again and again 😄

Great Customer Service

Great customer service is often underrated. It’s been proven time and time again great customer service is the single most important thing to constantly improve to endure your customers keep coming. Be courteous and solve problems quickly for your customers and they won’t hesitate to recommend to others next time.

At Matdespatch, we have a dedicated team to answer all your inquiries via live chat on our website and various social media platforms!

Creative Loyalty Programs

We’ve all been been there, we sign up for an attractive loyalty programme, we get the card – then we lose the card and forget about it. A loyalty program doesn’t have to be tedious or boring anymore. There are many solutions now that gives you the option to set up a loyalty system without the physical cards – customers now can use their email address or phone number as their loyalty identification.

Also, you can be creative about how you reward your customers. For example, Marriott Hotels’ loyal customers will get points (that can be converted to stays) even if they post about their stay at the hotel.

Superb Email Marketing

Keep your brand fresh in your customer’s mind. Email marketing when done right gets you the best ROI and probably the cheapest amongst all marketing methods. Through email marketing, you can have a direct line with your customers, so to speak. You can offer exclusive promotions, introduce a new product, or spread the word on new content. Just make sure you time your emails well and don’t spam your customers!

We published tips on how to do great email marketing here!

Make Your Customers a Part of You

People appreciate being appreciated, especially on a big platform – like your company social media accounts. Plenty of businesses have leveraged on highlighting their customers who takes pictures with your products. It can be through tagging, hashtags, or both. You can even make a contest out of it and reward your customers! It can be a great for them, too – as it drives traffic to their social media account as well.

We hope with these tips you are able to get more repeat customers to your e-store! Do let us know if you have more suggestions. Don’t forget to ship with Malaysia’s favourite shipping platform, Matdespatch! Save More Money On Shipping! 🙂