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Every good business owner knows that social media is an essential asset for growing your business and keeping in touch with your customers. If you are an SME and want to fully utilise the power of social media, here is a guide to get you started.

Set Up a Social Media Calendar

Falcon io dashboard. Picture from AlternativeTo

A social media calendars can be done internally. The important thing is to know the parameters of what you want to measure so you don’t get overwhelmed by the overload of text and visuals that you have to handle. It also helps you with the frequency of posts so you can plan when to do different things with your social media accounts. For specially created social media calendars, you can try out Loomly and

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Blend Good Content With Good Design

We created this poster from scratch in less than 3 minutes on Canva

So now you know what you want to do with your social media accounts but how do your really make an impact? What is a good With free apps like Canva and Adobe Spark, it’s easy to blend your message with great visuals. Both apps offer free templates and customizability with set dimensions for major social media sites.

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Schedule Your Posts

You can schedule your posts using Loomly

To better plan your social media strategy, it’s good to have a scheduler so you have a bigger picture of your social media strategy. There are free options like Tweetdeck, which you can link multiple Twitter accounts or Buffer and Loomly, both paid services but with great functionality to preview posts for multiple social media platforms including Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook.

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Track Your Performance

Comprehensive analytics is offered by Sprout Social

Native analytics for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram does a good job if you just want to monitor the basics of what makes your social media account ticks. However, they are often unorganised and what you can see are often limited. Invest in social media analytics sites to get the best of what your data can offer you. Sites like Sprout Social and Zoho Social gives you great insights and allows you to track how far you have reached with your posts.

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With social media, it’s important to test out and see what works with your social media platforms. Most paid services would offer your a free trial so you should take advantage of that. Every social media has its strengths and weaknesses and so do your ability to harness its potential. All the best with your business and we hope you ship with Matdespatch!