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Volumetric weight has been made the standard for shipping companies all over the world and it’s a more fair and efficient way of measurement for packages that takes into account the size of the package and the space the vehicle it needs to travel in.

What is volumetric weight? The volumetric weight is the density of an object – the physics is that packages that are less dense will occupy more space, compared to its weight. It takes into account the size of the object to determine how much space it will occupy.

Why do we measure volumetric weight? The space in vehicles of transport for packages needs to be managed well to ensure smooth delivery for our customers. All vehicles have their own limits when it comes to weight and space.Volumetric weight will determine how many packages can be fitted into a vehicle for more efficient delivery.

What if my weight is more than my volumetric weight? Matdespatch will charge you according to the higher weight to be fair to our delivery partners.

How do you measure volumetric weight? The formula is very simple.

     length x height x width    
5,000 (for cm)

Volumetric weight in Kg

A) Measure the length of the package
B) Measure the width of the package
C) Measure the height of the package

Take the sum of A,B, and C multiplied and divide it by 5000. The result is your volumetric weight.

Make it easier for you to calculate: There are a few apps available for smartphones that helps you measure packages just by using your device’s camera. One example is Google Measure and you can use online tools like the Good Calculators to help you calculate the volumetric weight using your data.

We hope this article helps. Happy Shipping!