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People often overlook the importance of packaging when in fact it will be the first impression you will make as a company with your new clients. We know you understand Malaysians appreciate good packaging but packaging can be an tricky thing to deal with if you ship most of your products to your customers, but worry not – Matdespatch is here to help!

Levi’s use hard PET plastic for their packaging

Invest in Quality packaging: Quality packaging tells your customers that you care about every process that goes into getting the product from them to you. Better materials also means that your product will be well protected in the shipping process. Make sure you are able to inspect the materials used in the packaging. If you are shipping sensitive materials that may look unassuming, it’s good if you can include warning signs on the packaging.

‘Goji Bundy’ is a book packaged by ahboipress – a simple yet practical design

Stand Out: A well-designed packaging will stand out and make your brand memorable. It’s also best to incorporate your company identity and principles in the design phase – for example by using colours that match your company identity and using recycled packaging to reflect your commitment for a better environment. A personal touch, like a handwritten thank you note, does wonders to your customer’s perception of your brand.

Puma’s Clever Little Bag is a shoe packaging that turns into a tote bag

Add Value: Packaging can be turned into something practical, so your customers don’t have to throw it away and keep your company in mind for next time. You can spend some time to think about how your packaging can be turned into something else – a decoration, a bookmark, or maybe an office supplies holder.

Testing takes time, but it’s usually worth it

Test it Out: Never underestimate the value of testing. See how your packaging can be improved through testing it by simulating how it would be handled and, worst case scenario, dropped. Most businesses would put their packaged items in a box before wrapping them up to absorb any impact.

Leatherology has a special signature gift packaging when customers choose the gift option.

Adapt To Your Customers: If you think your product can be ordered as a gift, or you give that option to your customers, it’s good to have packaging that reflects that as well. You’ll impress both the recipient and the giver, so it’s something worth investing.

Agree to a long lasting relationship with your packaging partners

Lower Your Costs: Always negotiate and re-negotiate terms with your packaging suppliers to get the lowest price for the best quality and quantity for your business. Often, manufacturing your packaging in one-go helps reduce the price compared to printing the box and labelling separately.

Don’t leave out the cost for packaging at the last minute. Always be on the look out for deals, for example MatDespatch gives you free 5% credit when you top up above RM2000, which you can use for Poslaju or same day delivery service.