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Same day delivery integrates the convenience of online purchasing with the immediacy from going to a physical store.

Suffice to say that same day delivery has the potential to fundamentally change the way we shop.

Other than consumers, online retailers also expect degrees of benefits from same day deliveries such as it reduces delivery time as almost immediate product access.

In recent years, the number of companies that have started piloting and operating new models of same day delivery are increasing.

This includes logistic providers such as Matdespatch. 

There are reasons why you should adopt same day delivery into your business models because we can assure you that the benefits might outweigh the challenges. 


What is Same Day Delivery?

what is same day delivery

Same day delivery is when an item is delivered on the same day that the customer ordered. 

To deliver orders quickly, the inventory has to be fulfilled locally from distribution centers, micro fulfillment centers (MFCs) or stores that are relatively near to the customer. 

When a customer shop online and check-out the selected items, backend systems check inventory availability within close proximity to the customer.

After checkout, the order is dispatched to a driver based on pre-set rules and the driver delivers to the customer on the same day?.

Next day delivery is a process where a consumer shops online and receives their package the following day. 

Until recently, next day delivery was the premium service with most logistics operations set up to provide two day delivery to customers as the fastest option. 

This still applies for many businesses.


Benefits of Same Day Delivery

Many big retailers have already implemented and created a blueprint to a successful same day delivery. 

However, we cannot say that small businesses cannot adopt same day delivery but it is much beneficial for small businesses too. 

These are some of the benefits of having same day delivery service in your business:

  1. Better Customer Satisfaction

door delivery

There are customers who need to get items immediately but cannot make it to the shop thus making same-day delivery are valuable. 

Customer’s satisfaction will be higher if they are able to place a purchase or pick up returns the same day. 

When you provide a streamlined client experience, people are more satisfied. 

  1. Reduced Lost or Damaged Goods

With delivery that takes more than a day, the chance of goods being damaged or lost increases.

Because, this type of delivery usually involves processing and sorting parcels at multiple points before reaching the customer.

However, with same day delivery, the item is picked up from the sender location and straight to the recipient without going through any processing or sorting.  

You are advised to use a same day delivery company instead of handling your own riders because they have ways of ensuring items are received in good condition. 

Most likely, these same day delivery companies have liability coverage if any incident happens. 

  1. Retains Customer and Builds Loyalty

fast delivery

One cost-effective way to grow your business is to get more customers to buy from you repeatedly.

It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones. 

In order for customers to keep coming back, they need to have a memorable experience buying from your business.

So, same day delivery can give that to your customers!

This is because customers expect fast shipping especially with the rapid growth of the industry. 

What’s the proof?

Just look around e-marketplaces and check the reviews section– you will most likely see customers talk about how fast or how late they got their purchases.

  1. A Competitive Advantage

Offering same day delivery can be a value proposition for your business. 

It could differentiate between you and competitors.

Everyone wishes they can get the items immediately after purchase which is why physical retail is still a popular option for most people.

By adding same day delivery to your shipping option, you will be the better choice.

  1. Increased Revenue

Other than getting lots of repeated customers, you can also increase revenue by raising basket value or conversion rates. 

Everyone loves instant gratification, including those who shop online. 

Adding free same day delivery is a great tactic to increase your conversions. 

It won’t cost them extra and they will get their order on the same day they make the purchase.

If you are concerned about absorbing the costs for free same day delivery, one way you can do is to set a threshold. 

For example, only orders above a certain amount will be eligible for free same day delivery. 

This way, you can increase revenue by increasing average basket value and it won’t jeopardize much of your margin.   


Get Same Day Delivery Service With Matdespatch

If you haven’t yet implemented same day shipping or afraid to take that leap, don’t worry because Matdespatch is here to provide solutions for you.

Matdespatch offers same day delivery service as low as RM5! 

You can set up same day pickup and delivery with in-house track and trace system which provides real-time tracking of delivery status with notification service to customers. 

With Matdespatch, rest assured as we provide cost-effective and reliable delivery services as well as ensure your parcels, be it food or other shipments, to get to their destination safely.

Other services that we offer are: 

  • Next Day Delivery
  • On-Demand Delivery
  • Rider Or Driver For Hire
  • Mover
  • Courier Agent
  • Mailbox Drop
  • Fleet Services
  • Vehicle Shipping
  • Customs Clearance
  • Food Delivery Platform

What’s prominent about Matdespatch is getting our services through the Matdespatch application which you can download from Google Play Store!

You could also contact us through our official website.